Relocating to Malta: Culture

12 Sep 2017 Latest News Written by: Cutajar, David

Enjoy the Culture 

The Maltese Islands' location in the middle of the Mediterranean meant that it was subject to the rule of many different cultures and powers such as the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Spanish, Knights of St. John, French and British. Malta thus has a rich history and numerous destinations worth exploring, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Valletta, and seven megalithic temples, which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. The islands are also equipped with a plethora of beautiful beaches which complement Malta's sunny weather perfectlySo, beach bums rejoice! 


The tourism industry is a huge market in Malta, with more than a million tourists having visited the islands this year so far.  Hence, the Maltese are generally tolerant of other cultures and ethnicities. In recent years, Malta has attracted much foreign investment and many foreign companies have set up offices here. Thus, if you choose to work in Malta many of your colleagues would come from different countries and backgrounds (especially in iGaming, international Financial Services, hospitality and tourism amongst others).  


Malta has a very high employment rate and most people work from 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM, usually 5 days a week. Obviously, some jobs in iGaming, hospitality and customer services require working over the weekend. The islands are very small so travelling from one place to another is relatively quick assuming traffic is not heav(link to our previous article on Transport and travel can be found here)If you plan your commute well, you need not worry about getting to work on time.


The recent boom in Financial services and iGaming sectors has attracted many individuals around the world to explore new opportunities in Malta. If you wish to come and work here the environment here is set to make you thrive. Also, given the increasing number of foreign workers in Malta, any individual seeking to find work in Malta would not be alone in their venture. 


We hope that this article has given you at least some insight into the work culture in Malta. From us at People&Co, we wish you the very best of luck on your journey!

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